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The New Pioneer Thanksgiving

Updated: Dec 7, 2020

This year we get to do things a little differently, so let's make the MOST of it!!

Pioneering new ways of being GRATEFUL, I will say, is one way we can start. Like having a Zoom with your Family, even though you have so much to cook - take some time for them. Faraway family may only be able to see us through a virtual connection - so even if it is new to you - experience it this way, this year. Grant your Family your time and your LOVE and I know you will both be grateful you did. It will likely MAKE their Thanksgiving.

I have some funny things to be grateful for this year. I am sooo grateful I left my job to finish Volume 2, because it has been HEAVENLY. And MANY long hours of HARD WORK! But it is blissful to work for myself again. While the freedom is perfect, slight worries about money keep trying to sneak in. Every time they do I think - "Well, this is the responsibility that comes with doing what you want." And I remind myself I always made a great deal of money when I worked for myself. But this is a strange new time.....I feel like a fricking Pioneer.

If I MUST do something else to make money, I will. But if, through this website and the books and the services and the gigs I can find a way to support myself and our Family - I will be MOST GRATEFUL.

I decided to be thankful THIS YEAR for the tweak to my comfort zone, knowing it is a catalyst for change. I figure every single one of us has been tweaked and triggered and frightened out of their comfort zone in 2020. That's going to produce a LOT of change and positive solution-making. It will be exciting to be alive for all the changes we will make until Love and HEALTH and Peace prevail. That is what I think Life on Earth is all about - Finding Solutions.

I understand when you are trying to manifest something, you must first be a vibrational match for it - be resonating at the same frequency. So you cannot be worrying about the problem at the same time you are trying to make the solution happen. You must be Living in the Feeling of the Solution. Fleshing it out with imagination and positive qualities. CALIBRATE to it, as Esther Hicks/Abraham has been teaching.

In that spirit, I CALIBRATE MYSELF to all the beautiful ways I will be shown how Abundant I really am. I CALIBRATE to every Synchronicity I need to make this dream come true. I CALIBRATE to a safe and healthy Life. I CALIBRATE to serving others in New Ways. I CALIBRATE to making Earth more Beautiful. I CALIBRATE to being a Great Partner. I CALIBRATE FULLY TO LOVE.

I am grateful and thankful for all the New Wonderful things that are ahead. THE BEST IS YET TO COME, Pioneers. Stay positive and grateful and spend your time transforming Fear into Love by opening your heart and really FEELING it. CALIBRATE YOURSELF TO LOVE AND GRATITUDE. Love Yourself and Love Others and Spread THAT all around the Thanksgiving table!

I will be here Feasting with Dave Allen, and Thanking my Lucky Stars for YOU, and all the New Stuff.

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