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My first dream was to be a Singer, and I have been lucky enough to sing professionally since I was a little girl. I find no greater pleasure than the feeling of standing center stage, wailing out a tune. Consequently, I spent most of my life in the spotlight, and enjoyed a career in Musical Theatre, performing from coast-to-coast. But I wanted to sing more, so I started lead singing with Rock bands, songwriting, and exploring Jazz. I trained myself by sitting-in with bands everywhere I went, all over the World. 


My real passion to be a Blues Singer was ignited by Dave Allen in 2007. He continues to teach me so much and has truly helped me in my becoming. It is a WONDER to perform with my husband. Our collaborations exhibit some of my proudest and most joyful singing! We have 2 CD's available right now, and are creating new music all the time. Stay tuned for singles as they are created! Click here to see some cool shots.

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