Laura Lamun lives a blessed life! She currently enjoys every day with her Beloved Dave Allen, deep within the Big Trees of Tennessee. She shines her Light for Earth as a Love-Giver, an Author, a Singer, an Inventor, an Earthologist, a Sound Healer, Theta Healer, Spirit Clearer and a Body Guide. She is a Crusader for our Earth, and tirelessly supports GAIA and  all the Gaian Kingdoms, Elements, Elementals & Beings. She is a Freedom of Information Warrior and will tirelessly work for Freedom and Sovereignity when it comes to Health. Laura seeks to help others open their minds and have access to many sources of Education. She loves to Teach and Talk and Laugh Loudly, and attributes her energy to Living in Harmony with Nature.


In 1994, Laura founded Little Moon Essentials, an innovative-for-the-time 100% natural body care company. Laura had a dream  in which she saw her very first product, an organic Ginger bath for detoxes, eczema and inflammations called Letting Go. Including private formulations and Bath-Of-The-Month creations, over 21 years, Laura formulated more thsn 400 Earth-friendly, super effective Body Remedies. Her biggest success was a prodcut that made the company's first million dollars, Tired Old Ass Soak. Although she sold it in 2015, Little Moon exists today with new & wonderful owners, continuing to pass on the legacy of exceptional products that Laura was able to co-create with Nature. They are AWESOME.   

See LittleMoonEssentials.com.

Laura's first love is singing and she LOVES performing live. Her biggest audience was for a National Anthem at the Colorado Rockies game, there were 52,001 people there! She has been a songwriter since thirteen, and still feels the need to relieve occasional angst with a good rock 'n' roll song. Laura loved singing in the Pink Floyd (full-album-sets) tribute band Wish You Were Pink and the CSNY cover band The Easy Peaces, and the precursor to the the current band,

Little Laura and the Nude Blues Band.


Currently she is an active member of the Memphis Blues Society's House Band (which was playing regularly at the RockHouse Live in Memphis). She writes and records with her husband and multi-instrumentalist Dave Allen. Their band the Allen-Lamun Band is a source of great joy for both of them, and their songs have literally been played on the radio all over the World. 


Laura's Mission is to spread Light, Love and Knowledge. She can be found staring off into space in her backyard, laughing & talking to Plants or Spirits, playing music with her Beloved Dave Allen, laughing loudly while her purple hair blows in the wind, reading, stretching, watching football or sitting still waiting for Butterflies to alight on her.