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Life-Altering Books

written especially for you

I released my first book, The Garden of Earth Volume 1 in 2008. I wrote it as a guidebook for Connecting to Nature, highlighting Living Scent Remedies and Raw Aromatherapy. I expected the next book to follow directly. But in the meantime, our Music started to take off, I began to prepare my business to sell, and Life got in the way of my plans. Eventually we sold Little Moon, completely changed our lives, and moved to Tennessee to play the Blues in Memphis and Nashville. Years later now, living through the recent viral crisis in the World, and all of its repercussions stoked the Fire in me to write again. Volume 2 is a real wonder of a book, filled with very pertinent suggestions about how to survive & prosper NOW - in a Whole New World! You will find ways to identify & prepare Wild Weed foods, celebrate great Plant Heroes and learn about preserving the Garden!

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