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Escaping Reality

Updated: Nov 18, 2020

When it all gets too heavy - CLOSE YOUR EYES AND TRAVEL INWARD.

Meditation Is Easier Than You Think

Every day I hear people say they don't meditate enough. I think one of the problems is MOST people think Meditation is a lengthy process for which they need to get ready, set their special cushion just so, light the candles, change the music, have an uninterrupted hour of time...who can spare the effort for all of that?

Meditation is as easy as closing your eyes for a second. There - see, you just did it. All that is important is that you take even a moment to be FOCUSED INWARD instead of being impulsed from the outside. Try 15 seconds first! Even in the middle of your very first 15 seconds with your eyes closed, you get the concept. It is purely about PEACE.

Finding your Inner Peace is more critical than you might imagine. The reason everybody says to meditate is because the Inner Peace you generate becomes like a tool you can use when you need it most. It is always there, you have immediate access, and it grows when you give it more time.

Once you get good at simply RECEIVING Peace, you can use your meditations for Good. After finding that great feeling, you can SEND it on Light and Love to someone in need. You can send it to the Country. You can send it to your Family. You can surround the Earth with it!

Eventually, you may go on Inner Journeys. I like to show up and see what may be available to me when I meditate that day. Sometimes I may be thinking about the Sun, and I find I am receiving positive supporting guidance from it. Sometimes I hear messages from my Higher Self. Sometimes I feel I am on a wonderful adventure and I find myself in all kinds of different places. I always keep a notebook handy to write down the wisest words and ideas I receive.

Since you are in your own world, you can use your meditation time to journey far away to beautiful locales that fill you with Peace. You can go to the Beach! You could go visit your relatives. You can enter the body and look for dis-ease. There are so many things you can do in a deep meditative state.

But remember - the most important thing is to just BE. To escape the world of reality and to Be in Peace. And to do that whenever you can!

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