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Making History & Letting Go (repeat)

We all have Special Days in our History - the starred moments of our stories - that we might celebrate every year. One of the most remarkable days of my life was 26 years ago, December 6, 1994. That was the day I made the first sale of my business-to-be Little Moon Essentials.

A few days earlier, I had a literal dream about a detox bath for my eczema and aches & pains, a dream in which I could see the salt, the ginger, the color, the label - everything. I have rarely, if ever, had such a vivid dream I could remember with such clarity the next morning. I felt absolutely compelled to find a way to make it and use it, in an enormous "push" from the Universe!

When I awoke, I got all my special salts and ingredients together, as I had been dabbling in making natural body care presents for people for awhile. I got a big shiny bowl, and as I added things, I wisely wrote down everything I could remember from the dream and everything I put into the blend. As I was stirring it up, salts, organic ginger, essential oils, I had a wild sensation - something like how it feels when you FEEL the future? I had such a wonderful feeling stirring up the salt, like cooking and playing and alchemizing all at once. I was in Heaven. Just felt like I was making Magic in a bowl. I couldn't wait to get into the tub and try it.

Well - the warming ginger detox bath was truly wonderful: golden, super warming and comforting like a big hot blanket, relieved my itching and took away the pains, and it smelled AMAZING - plus I felt the Letting Go! I just plain loved it - it was strong and effective and organic and crazy good. I decided to make a bigger batch and see if I could sell it in bulk at Alfalfa's Market - the health food supermarket where I worked in Boulder, Colorado. I decorated a big gallon jar and went to my Mom's to use the only computer available (1994!) and made a label (nothing like this beautiful label above made by Leslie Lovejoy!). But the best I could do with a lot of the same verbage, some rainbow paper and with the same spirit, plus I decorated the jar with hanging beads - this was Boulder in the 90's, you know? The gallon jar held 10 pounds of the brand new Little Moon Essentials Letting Go high mineral salts, and the store said they'd take it on consignment, put it on the herb counter.

I showed it to everybody, of course, this was my First Child! So, I knew I sold some of it to regular customers who came in that day. But when I came to work the next morning, the whole jar was empty. The entire 10 pounds had sold in less than 24 hours, little baggie-full by baggie-full. Even I was shocked. And my heart LIT UP that very moment with the signal from the Universe to JUMP!!!!! This could be IT!!!! See the signs!!!!! I felt like the most exciting thing in the world was to dream about making more body care products that would make more people feel better, bring them support for different ailments, in a super pleasing way. I wanted to do it. I saw a Path I could take. A Bath for Every Reason.

But truly, I could not SEE what would come next. I was a professional Singer - I had never even dreamed of having a company! I never, ever thought LARGELY enough to imagine I would someday become Founder & Formulator of an internationally-known natural remedy business, with well over a million dollars in sales every year. And that was in the early 2000's! I never dreamed how my life would turn into the Rockstar of the Bathing World! I could not see for a second the Vermont Country Store changing our lives by selling more "Tired Old Ass Soak" than we could make. I couldn't dream of the over 400 natural products I would create, including custom products for people all over the World. I couldn't possibly dream up the amazing things that would become of the Salts, My Highly-Valued Little Moon Girls, and I. The exotic places we'd vacation, the friendships we'd cherish, the lives we'd change.

BUT I DREAMED OF ONE PRODUCT. And that changed my Life. Seeding it in ways I couldn't consciously conceive of, lighting up new circuits, rooting a fresh and original desire in me to fulfill this New Mission. I simply knew I had to take Action, the actions all felt really good and fulfilling, and I Loved the idea with all my heart. And EVERYTHING WORKED OUT GREAT.

Pay attention to your dreams and these urges and pushes and shoves of Synchronicity in your life - they are the Signals! And know that you KNOW, somewhere deep in your Heart, that the Desire Creates the Ability, it seems like! Like Necessity is the Mother of Invention. Suddenly I had to find a way to make something new work, because I was simply answering the calling of the dream. I didn't know how, I didn't plan it, I just kept following the excitement and the urges and the support I received.

For more than 20 years, we all made a beautiful History and a Wonderful Life for me, DaveAllen, and all the Little Mooner men and women. And as we all agreed, every Little Mooner, when we each felt complete, we all moved on. I sold the business in 2015 to some beautiful people who seek to maintain the Spirit of Little Moon to this day, the formulas are all the same and the quality is awesome.

Most Ironic of all, my very first product, my baby, my First-Born - Letting Go - became the teaching of the day yet again. I guess that is the REAL Lesson - Making History, Letting Go - I guess we all just keep doing that! Make History, Let Go, Make History, Let Go! Keep moving on.

But I can never forget what this journey taught me: wildly original, new and different direction changes in Life are possible at any moment. Some of them may Make History. Some of them simply make your day. Follow your Dreams, literally. Follow those deep nudges of Spirit.

Trust that Everything Always Works Out For You.

And Letting Go Always Works.

I send you Lots of Love for your Wild Journey.

Some milestones we will celebrate forever. I celebrate this Birthday of my Company! Celebrate your own Letting Go at

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